Nate weldon at piano web res

photo by Ted Weldon

Nate Weldon has something very few musicians have: the ability to fuse multiple genres into one entirely his own. With influences as widespread as soul, jazz, bossa nova, folk, electronica, r&b, and hip hop, it would seem unlikely for an artist to have a coherent sound. But Nate's got one- and it's bigger than the sum of it's parts. With years of songwriting and working across the world, it sounds like there are lifetimes behind Nate's words. There is a refinement to his music, yet he never loses that raw drive and emotion at the heart of his songs. His debut solo album Geronimo ironically struck a big nerve with German, Irish, English, and Scottish folk during Nate's travels and touring abroad. On his latest body of work, Nate's muses have inspired a whole new wave of sound- rhythmic, complex, layered, bold. Through it all, the theme of love persists. It is truly an album of very contemporary love songs. Nate will be releasing two blast album e.p.s Drive to the Sun and A Date With Nate this summer.
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